Mathletics 2017

mathletics_horiz_logo_bluDuring Summer 2017, we will host our first annual Mathletics.  Mathletics will be a voluntary four day workshop held July 31st –August 3rd, 2017.  Workshops will take place from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and will include interactive learning opportunities to strengthen and review math skills between levels 46-96.

Data shows that students who receive a “C” in their current math course only have a 40% chance of passing the next level math class.  Our purpose is to provide a fun atmosphere for learning and practicing math without all of the anxiety of passing a math class.  In addition, we are seeking to build confidence in our students and allow them an opportunity to really enjoy the math they are learning.

Each day will host different topics; consisting of ice breakers; interactive problem solving; lecture; and independent work with an online forum.  It is our hope that alternating between small group practice and lecture style teaching will enrich the experience of our students and encourage the building of a network of support for their future math endeavors.  Of course, the FREE stuff is always great, too!

Register today, before space runs out!2017_mathletics_digitalflyerV01


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