Campus Conexiones

The LatinX Alliance in partnership with the HSI Title V and Title III grants and the Peer Navigation/CRUISE program are honored to present the special series “Campus Conexiones”. Campus Conexiones is an intimate, talk-show formatted event in which LatinX campus faculty, staff and administrators discuss their personal journeys and offer an opportunity for students to connect with them. Through connecting the students and employees in the LatinX campus community we hope to create bonds that strengthen the support network for students that is so vital for LatinX student success.

The first Campus Conexiones was held on February 22nd with Manny Bautista, faculty in Exercise Science. Manny’s unique journey of growing up in TexCampus Conexiones flyeras, heading out on his own, the struggles of being a first-generation student and becoming a faculty member and working for Team USA in the Olympics was inspiring for students.

In March, Maria-Jose Zeledon Perez, part-time faculty in the Communication Studies department will share her journey from Costa Rica to San Diego and her passion for equity and inclusion in higher education. Join us on March 23rd from 11:30-12:30 in I4-203 to meet Maria. Everyone is invited!

For future events and speakers go to the Mesa Home Page and search: “Campus Conexiones”


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