We hosted our first ever Winter CRUISE, January 10-12, and Saturday 31463006383_a238cdd509_oCRUISE, January 14, 2017, and they were a SUCCESS!!!! The CRUISE (Creating Rich Unique Intellectual Student Experiences), our engagement and support network to first time students, reached out to our local early graduates, first time students, and international students to provide them with all the introductory support they need to succeed. We had 95 students participate in the Winter CRUISE, and an additional 55 students for the Saturday CRUISE.

In addition to the usual overviews from Counseling, Math, and English, students pa31458964543_718a6aa13b_orticipated in a Financial Literacy/Decision-making Workshop with the support of California Coast Credit Union. Students engaged in “A Bite of Reality” activity where they were given personas and asked to make financial decisions for their personal transportation, housing, and living expenses.  Students were tempted to purchase expensive sports cars, concert/event tickets, and high end clothing to test their knowledge of financially sound decision making.

For the Saturday CRUISE we initiated a Student Panel made up of Peer Navigators, Classroom Tutors, Outreach Ambassadors, and returning CRUISE Participants. We called this: “First Day at Mesa”, and began with the Panel sharing their personal experiences with the students of their First Day on campus.  After hearing briefly from the panel members, a Q & A was opened up.  We were so impressed, not only by the rich dialogue that ensued, but most especially by the genuine questions that were presented for this discussion.

Fashioned after the speed dating concept, CRUISE offered a “Mee31433470134_40e4422654_ot & Greet” workshop.  Fourteen programs across the campus hosted information booths.  Participants traveled in small groups from booth to booth every four minutes for short interactions.  While at each booth participants were given a glimpse of what each program offered and how they could further support each students move toward success.

Our Student Success Specialist Agustin Rivera, Jr., along with Project Assistant, Alexi Balaguer, and the team of Peer Navigators, worked diligently for weeks in preparation, and produced a smooth CRUISE. Check out some more of the photos here:

2017 Winter CRUISE


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