Pedagogy Drives Math Reform

by Toni Parsons

The Math Department has been working, for some time, on the effectiveness of our curriculum and how to improve completion. We have for several years, mostly through the Basic Skills Initiative, looked at our departments “success” and other metrics of our students both as a whole and demographically. Now, with the HSI Grant, the conversations have erupted again, and with more vigor. Along with the leadership of Toni Parsons, several faculty (adjunct included) have formed a work group to drive the conversation and help plan for training and implementation of whatever comes from the dialogue. Specifically, the workgroup is in the midst of planning a day-long retreat for all math faculty that will include, diversity training, course redesign conversations, Classroom Tutoring Assistants training, and acceleration training among other topics. The math department feels that they have the curriculum already in place to help our students be successful and complete; they just need to work on the in-class pedagogy. The question the department is currently working on is: “What can I do in my classroom to better serve students from all demographics?”


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